Water purifiers emotional marketing consum electric business

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   water purification industry is to mature trend, with the rise of the electricity supplier, electricity supplier model also has become an important business model water purifier enterprise, water purifier companies have started to test the water "electricity supplier" However, the development of water purifier electricity supplier is still in its infancy, therefore, need to strengthen water purifier companies improve operational efficiency and user experience degrees. In addition, the new water purifier companies need to strengthen channel construction, the electricity supplier channels in order to comply with the development trend of seeking to develop "road" in the electricity business road.


   water purifier electricity supplier refined service work

   water purifier brand to develop new electronic business platform, but also because in recent years, the electricity supplier has gradually penetrated into all walks of life, and achieved good results. Water purifier business to new sales channels, hoping to attract more consumers. However, the water purifier business just by selling the electricity supplier channel development, much is not enough, it can only meet part of the consumer. Now, focus on brand and service quality care companies increasingly large consumer groups, and carry out the online and offline sales model, electricity provider channel sales model is simple and convenient, but it also increases enterprise service work a lot more difficult, water purifier belong large products, therefore, be sold by electricity suppliers, water purifiers service it is necessary to reflect the pre-sales, after-sales line and every subtle links, to avoid consumer because of the companys dissatisfaction with service work, which led to complaints things happen.

   take the emotional route to send water purifiers "intimate"

   a good product not only dominant in terms of performance, but also become the target of the minds of consumers friends, family and trust objects. Water purification companies from product marketing to emotional marketing, we need around the start of the final consumer groups, water purification products, though not "FMCG", but with the accelerated update frequency, from product marketing era to come out, and to the emotional marketing. Water purifier relationship with consumers healthy drinking water, but more on this in-depth, train dealer "to meet customer needs" capability. Help consumers understand "tangible" and "intangible" value products.

   enhance the consumer experience of the very "favor"

   At present, many consumers of water purification products and water purifier prices are not enough to understand, there will be a number of consumers in the purchase process loss phenomenon, this phenomenon, water purification companies should strive to create experience-based sales model. For example in the form of buy, drinking water and other health classroom is thinkingRoad to the interpretation of experiential marketing mode, allowing consumers to fully experience the product. In the course of the experience of the product, consumers have a good understanding on the basis of a corresponding product had a good impression or sense of trust, and thus the minds of consumers to enable enterprises to become the object of friends, relatives and trusted.

   high-quality services enable consumers still satisfactory brand experience after purchasing water purification products. Focusing on the experience of water purification products, build lasting relationships with consumers, water purifier companies do a good job in this regard, its brand can be highlighted, a brand competitiveness, thus contributing to corporate brand building and service optimize quality. Therefore, water purifier enterprises should meet consumer demand for product and brand experience, the customer experience better, and won the favor of consumers.

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