Watching TV knowledge purifier enterprises to pave thway for

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   This is a kind of watching TV entertainment, but think about it carefully, youll find it contains a variety of channels of brand promotion. Take the previous hit "My Sunshine", a sharp cocktail of Australia placement is undoubtedly successful, and classic lines actor also led to numerous human emotion, these small details to be branding He says has much use. Is worried about the water purifier for the investment companies who do a good job branding, but also worry not attract the dealer?




watching TV companies have learned to do water purifier good branding pave the way for the investment (picture from the network)

   to see the placement science "rational"

   in recent years, China-made drama inevitable product placement, implant advertising effect more obvious. It is understood that the Australian Rui Rio placement in "My Sunshine" in effect is obvious, follow-up study on product sales related personnel indicated that since the launch of the TV series, Rio limited edition bottles daily sales increased 4-fold increase in sales of traditional bottle to 8 times.

   see TV product placement significant gains, many companies have to follow suit, but it is a few happy tears phenomenon. The reason why product placement by many enterprises of all ages, because not only can increase sales of products, but the brand enjoys popular support, so that the public get the brand recognized by consumers, at the same time, product placement is business investment tool, on behalf of the company the strength of the brand campaign to make it easier for dealers to accept.

   However, early product placement need to invest a lot of money, if you accidentally select a film and television work has not been recognized by consumers, but can not act to promote the brand, with little success.

   Therefore, the need to have a rational attitude when water purifier enterprises in ad spending. It requires attention to three points when water purifier enterprise product placement: First of all, there is enough advertising funds, funds of ad delivery can not affect the normal operation of the cash flow. Secondly, there is a script closely related to corporate culture, based on the story without damage, but also a comprehensive interpretation of corporate culture, the TV product placement covert. Third, the analysis of TV audience who, if fully consider the products target population and target population drama of consistent, targeted to potential agents.

   to see the classic lines of study "will not."

   TV series "My Sunshine," the hit, The play lines also become the talk of gossip. In particular actor Chens why a line "if that person the world has ever appeared, others will become will. And I will not want to." Loved by the people. It turns out that many things will not, water purifier enterprises in the process of branding, or can learn, "will not" attitude.

   Today, channel branding are numerous, but water purification companies should learn the "will" of rigor in the branding excellence. Meanwhile, at the time of investment, water purifier companies need to really treat water purification agents, identify their own that "she." Water purifier investment company in the planning area, you can understand the local water purifier brand agency situation, a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons, with their own investment situation, find a suitable investment channels.

   As the saying goes, "only for their own is the best." Platform branding lot different, each is not appropriate, as the platform of choice inappropriate publicity with little success. Therefore, the water purifier business priority is to find the most suitable communications platform in order to better lead to consumer acceptance, received good publicity. When branding in place, in order to create brand influence, brand lay the foundation for investment, the investment work to be better carried out. .

   to see the essence of the phenomenon of thinking knowledge, water purifier corporate branding of the road is still a long, too down to earth to go, do not follow suit, not blind obedience, will not, take one of their own brand of propaganda Road to boost investment.

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