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   According to "Business News" recently reported by the world economic contraction, the development of the domestic appliance market, to a certain extent it has been affected to varying degrees. Comprehensive market price air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. are lower than the average level of the same period, which gives Chinas home appliance market, has brought unprecedented crisis, there is a clear herding. The water purifier has appeared Matthew, from the current market data, in the first quarter of 2016, when the water purifier prices, rose 2.8%, the chain increased 4.9%; while the other type appliances , refrigerator, television and the like is decreased by 1.2%, down 0.8 percent.

   From the above data it can be seen in the market, the price of the water purifier, not fall. Through data analysis appliance market point of view, water purifier brand will be how to develop? Pescod water purifier to tell you.

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   From the trend of the domestic water purifier brand price point of view, the development of the water industry is the fastest growing, but also the development of space is very large. However, too much temptation, drew many competitors, this is the impact of the water purifier brand will be enormous. There are some enterprises in order to be able to some extent a more "competitive advantage" in the market, preferring to reduce their profit margins, lower prices. Closer look at consumer electronics market, we can easily find, "hedgehog effect" between the various big brands, only when between brand and brand competition to find the right characteristics, remained relatively reasonable "position" in order to make the industry healthy fast development of. Water purification industry the same way. If you blindly carry out water purifier price war, only to let the brand among black and blue, water purifier brands should focus on product research and development, to provide consumers with better products and water purification efforts. Rather than to use low-quality production in exchange for consumer confidence.

   Beijing economics expert said that any goods have a certain value system, although it will vary because some of the attributes of reasons, such as monopoly, the bubble economy. But it is just a short process, with the development of the industry, the price will return to the relative balance point. Just keep a balance of the price system to stable and sustainable development. From the home appliance industry, released the "2016 Annual consumer electronics market deepening development Blue Book" point of view, the current water purifier prices, has stabilized at a standard level, we see chaos, in fact, it is part of a small brand manufactured. From the water purifier on the market price on the surfaceThere is no uniform standard.

   good water purifier brand products, the cost of production plus a reasonable profit margin, water purifier price must reach a reasonable level, otherwise it will cause a loss. And in such inferior products rampant water purification market, there is some brands, such as water purifiers Pescod, still maintained a reasonable balance of profit margins, to provide consumers with quality products and comprehensive after-sales service, to give consumers recognition, which proved that such water purifier brand strength and product quality is reliable. From these, we can boldly predict that in the future development, is the development of a certain brand.

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