Water purifier business needs core value​​to the xt level

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   with the enhancement of health awareness, more and more people started to buy water purification equipment. Selling water purifiers, attracting attention and investment in many household electrical appliance enterprises, after 10 years of development, Chinas current water purifier manufacturing enterprises has reached more than 4,000, including both the past several years of comprehensive appliance manufacturers, but also cross-border test the water of IT and Internet companies, all forces converge, making the water purifier market crowded. At the same time, it showered with all kinds of problems, such as product homogeneity, of varying quality, single service model.


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   From the current observation, water purifier market separatist warlords situation is gradually being broken, the entire water industry will usher in a wash licensing period, lack of core competitiveness of enterprises support will be eliminated. This requires that companies can not just stay in the water purification assembly stage, whether it is technology product, service or brand promotion, channel construction, require a core value, whether the person will be difficult to survive in the increasingly fierce competition in the market.

   We know that in the theory of corporate culture, the core concept of value is often referred to, many companies have been talking about core values. However, under realistic conditions, we can really build and seriously implement the very few companies. Alarming is that some companies merely how to make money as its core value, which is not only easy to deviate from the original intention of the development of enterprises, enterprises are more likely to be dragged to the swamp run various "business opportunities", the final has declined or disappeared.

   What is the core value of a business?

   In fact, the core values 鈥嬧€媜f an organization or a company owned different from other organizations, can not be replaced, most fundamental and most enduring qualities that part of the organization is the fundamental reason for the organizations survival and development, is an organization in the most central part of the DNA.

   can be seen from the above definition, the core value of the enterprise is very important. It enables companies to constantly self-innovation to adapt to the changing market environment and to facilitate access to long-term outstanding performance; it can also allow enterprises to understand why these companies have their own world, their own customers choose other companies rather than reason What is?

   when a company truly understand their value lies, you can cultivate the ability to achieve a variety of core values 鈥嬧€媙eed, such as technology development, brand management, strategic layout, etc..

   water purification companies how to develop their own core values?

   As we all know, ism has been the modus operandi of many home appliance brand. By changing the appearance of the logo, packaging and other products in exchange for "new product" sales, some consumers blindly purchase in the case of uninformed, this trick can really achieve the purpose of expanding the market to a certain extent, but the lack of word of mouth promotion, late definitely give dealers a huge pressure on the stock, I am afraid that when the discount promotion, consumers do not necessarily buy it up.

   Therefore, we can first set a small goal to achieve, but Ill never do it fooled a million things, because in the long run, will certainly be distributors, agents and even spurned by consumers, eliminated out in the offing.

   In this case, the core values 鈥嬧€媍an help us achieve a million small goals? It may not directly make you earn it a million, but it allows you to continue to grow, even to someone unattainable heights . For example, some time ago sensational Alibaba employees to "grab moon cake" incident, eventually someones five technical engineers all out, it was considered a fuss, in fact, reflect the core values 鈥嬧€媜f this is it is not a business. Section misconduct, true to the holding of the event will be able to live? This is every company worth serious consideration.

   the development of enterprises will experience different stages of water purification business as well. From a difficult start-up to maturity, will encounter various difficulties, business leaders should constantly reflect, to identify key success factors to determine the enterprise value-creating key management activities, on the basis of the entire enterprise life cycle analysis of the final set of core values, and seriously implemented.

   water purification industry reshuffle the advent of a Ebb. Thousands of Amoy 10000 Luk, although hard, Chuijin Until the beginning to the gold, only really have the core value of the enterprise in order to survive in this knockout, higher level.

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