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  What water the flowers, Tim net water purifier recommend these authors: Tim net water purification Views: 858 Published: 2016-4-29 15:02:20 鐢ㄤ粈涔堟按娴囪姳锛屾伂鍑€鍑€姘存帹鑽愯繖浜涙按 In order to avoid trouble, we seem to have become accustomed to directly take water pouring raise plants, whether only tap water is suitable for watering the flowers, the answer is obviously NO, a lot of special treatment is more advantageous than tap water, can have a special effect on plants, plant pest and disease prevention and some help, some help early flowering plants, and some help to flourish. Having said that, what is the special treatment of water help plants grow better yet, a water purifier home water purifier to join _ small series inventory or two. A, watering about every half vinegar, vinegar and water in a 50: 1 ratio of water vinegar dubbed watering, yellow disease can prevent azalea, camellia flowers, etc. hi acidic, and can cause increased flowers, bright colors. Second, watering the flowers with beer beer bottles of water rinse, can promote the growth of summer and winter water can make dark green leaves. If Clivia pouring, blade width can be increased and veins clear. When watering from budding daisy, can spend more flavor. Third, the flowers rust water soaked with water scrap old nails, screws, iron pieces, etc., until the color becomes yellow rust water. This irrigated with gardenia yellow, yellow to green leaves can, and gradually shiny. Four milk (milk to) water after watering fermented milk contains more phosphorus, potassium, was diluted with more water, the flowers can be leafy. No fermented milk, not water the flowers. Because when it is fermented, it produced a lot of heat will "burn" the root (ie rot). V. Watering brine with 1% to 2% of light cactus saline irrigation, can increase their resistance to disease. Because cactus has some salt tolerance. Six, residual tea Watering Watering fermented tea residue, both to maintain moisture, but also slow release nitrogen fertilizer, improved crumb structure basin. However, according to the case flowerpot temperature, there is disproportionate to irrigate regularly, and not just be poured down Cancha. Seven, cold water to water the flowers Watering with cold water, can play a bud as early as now, beautiful color effect. If pouring asparagus, which can promote the development of lateral branches, and dwarf, dense. Eight, cigarette butts 1 a water-soaked Watering two days butts watering water, can control pests, but also improve the basin. Nine, Taomi Shui water the flowers with fermented wash riceIrrigated mountain tea flower, gardenia, osmanthus flowers, etc., not only robust growth, but also multi-flowering, long flowering, fragrant flowers. Ten, water the flowers boiled eggs boiled egg water is rich in minerals, with this water the flowers, it can be leafy, bright color. Eleven, orange peel soaked watering fresh orange peel 50 gram of water 1000 g soak for 24 hours after watering, can kill not only insects, but also to get rid of odor potting soil fertilizer. Twelve, rainwater watering system by various means rainwater storage device left, so that the rain water can be collected as a general watering water, can be replaced by water. XIII, if the family raised flowers and raised fish, fish bowl can be used to change out of the water to water the flowers, the water, the fish droppings more nutrition than other water used to water the flowers. Each day fish tank water could have been to change the water, and the plants need watering every day, so every day with a lot of water, if using this method, not only can save a lot of water, so that plants and fish can all look better. Tim net water purifier home water purifier join _

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