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   With the improvement of living standards, public demand for healthy drinking water is getting higher and higher. Many manufacturers claim that production of water purification equipment, water purification machines can meet the needs of straight drinking, and therefore concern consumers. But there are many consumers questioned, water purification equipment market feels very confusing, and product names are a lot of people know what to do, related products also have doubts whether to drink straight.


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   water purifier products under various names

   and more Baoquan water purification experts visited the citys major appliance stores, found numerous water purifier market : different manufacturers on the product name is called, and some called the "water purifier" and some said "drink straight," and some called "water purifier filter."

   one of the promoters of Gome stores recommend a reverse osmosis water purification technology to a water purifier expert, adding that this technology is one of the strongest filtering effect filter, which the net water filtration system using five, not only can filter out impurities suspended matter, heavy metals in water, but also water soluble solid was filtered off, viruses, bacteria, etc., to achieve a very thorough filtering effect. But in addition, a Suning appliance stores, the promoters of a water purifier experts said, the filtering effect of good drink straight but not recommended, because the filter is too thorough, will water contains some nutrients beneficial to humans Filtered. According to its introduction, this water purifier only three filter effects, filtering out harmful substances in water, while retaining the beneficial minerals in water. "When different stores in different brands of promotional staff straight-drink sales in the interpretation of the principle of the machine is a mess, people have no choice." Many consumers complain about.

   Consumers questioned the water purifier can "drink straight."

   cohabitation water purifier market not only makes consumers feel dazzling, while also greatly reducing the consumer true extent of such products. A sales personnel to a water purification experts, "buy our water machine, carcinogens, bacteria, heavy metals and other hazardous substances are all cleared out of the water than pure water are clean." But more than Baoquan net water is expert asked how they prove harmful substances in water are all removed, treated water turbidity is how much, how to prove when cleaner than pure water, this promotional staff bluntly, "we did not teach the training of these." "even think buy a water purification equipment, but nowMarket water purifier are many brands and models, the price difference is also great. The different brands of different store sales staff to explain the principles of this machine are not the same in the sale of water purifier, do not know what kind of water purifier can really play a role in water purification. "Mr. Zhao case said." Consumers are most concerned about is the real effect of the water purifier. "Public Wang said that the purchase price of a medium such as water purifier, prices are at least a thousand dollars, which is spending a small fortune, but we are also the most difficult to explore the effect of these is to filter water purifier can straight drink really achieve the effect, if it is treated with water to achieve the standard drink straight.

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