Ten employees in the fast-growing water purificatioway

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   If you are not a professional, water purifier market is a beautiful trap!

   often have friends all over the country dealers message asking a lot of questions, the overall feeling is nothing more than some basic water purification industry knowledge, the basic situation is not very understanding.

   today summed up the issues now to be a unified response, we want to be helpful.



   First, the basic professional knowledge must master

   1, specialized knowledge is the basis for practitioners

   expertise has its own specific intrinsic logic, must be mastered. Otherwise, you are not far away.

   you can through self-study, you can also participate in some training you think the fly.

   In short, learning is important, it is not like selling air-conditioning, television and other appliances, water purifiers related to health security, and a user does not know, people say professional transaction.

   analogy, how the cartridge is in the order of pure water PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane, post carbon?

   Because the effects of each process cartridge is not the same you must clearly understand the specific features of the various filters, these features determine the order this is the most reasonable and effective.

   So, you have a little knowledge, so that you can speak clearly about it.

   In addition, now on the market, a wide variety of water purification equipment (nearly more than 4,000 brands, N variety of products), you have the ability to distinguish their merits it good or bad?

   If you are not difference, who dares to buy water purification equipment you recommend it?

   2, trust is the key to solving

   mastered the basic logic, you have probably confidently expressed. In this way, your communication objects will it be possible to trust you.

   and the trust of customers to make the water purifier business people who are the most important! Remember!

   Most of the online knowledge comes from manufacturers of self-promotion, basically only for to expand their product description, product endorsement itself, this is not enough, but also very objective, are often misleading consumers trust, the end result is still difficult to obtain consumers.

   Therefore, we must learn some basic water purificationExpertise. Because, no matter how you first want consumers to feel that your presentation is objective, this is likely to continue to go on exchange.

   have a lot of expertise. However, the basic knowledge can still summarize, the conventional standard of knowledge generally have two hours to solve.



   Second, avoid exaggeration, due to lower customer expectations

   There is an old saying, surely many people know, is this:! Overstatement there shall be false [123 ]

   However, in the actual promotion process of water purification products, the majority of people in the performance and function of the device used to introduce exaggerated.

   proved this to say definitely not a good result, maybe afterwards we all know, but is powerless to change.

   Why? Because they lack confidence, not very professional, want to give himself Zhuangzhuang Dan, Fudge good for consumers, the reality is often the contrary, consumers have more professional than you.

   Therefore, an accurate expression of the performance and characteristics of the product, due to lower consumer expectations for the time of the transaction and the later development is good.

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