Spring day a group mobilization cum New Year New Year pty wa

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   January 6, 2018, every day one-chuen, International Enterprise Group mobilization cum New Year New Year party was held in a spring production base of thousands of people every day hall, Group Chairman, Group leaders, executives of each company, each department director, and regional staff to Beijing to attend the meeting.


   Group chairman Wang Ping delivered a passionate speech spirited New Years mobilization

   2018 is a day-chuen, corporate fifteenth birthday year Throughout the day a spring fifteen years ago, "three years" magnificent, the first five years from 2003 to 2008 mainly revolves around how companies can "survive" the ups and downs worked hard day and night; the second year to 2009 a spring day in 2013 entered a relatively stable period of "steady down" is the main feature of this period; third five-year 2014-2018 a spring day corporate structure, personnel, market size, fixed assets, the rapid development and growth. " big up "the very rapid pace.

   2018 spring day a group from the "big up" gradually transformed upgrade "strong together."

   2018 was a spring day Group of implementation of "platform + Partners equity incentive the first year, this is a major turning point in enterprise mechanism, a spring day destined to have numerous outstanding colleagues will become shareholders of the enterprise, partner companies merging and becoming interdependent community of destiny in the true sense.

   2018 Our slogan is "precise positioning focus and efficiency", in last years "reinforce the foundation Accumulate" based on the integrity of precision positioning platform, positioning personnel, product positioning, positioning mode, positioning corporate culture, focusing social benefits focused enterprise efficiency, focus personal benefit.

   with the chairman "1,22,333,4,5" lays out every day a spring platform features:

   "1", every day there is a spring over 1,000 marketing service center, it is a spring day marketing platform, product sales, customer service is the cornerstone and foundation.

   "22", a spring day more than 20,000 existing franchisees, water dispenser and bottled water sales to join a small bucket of water and a large bucket of water output value of more than more than 20 billion.

   "333" every day one-chuen, water purification equipment industry group involved in environmental protection, high-end beverage industry, functional water of a large health spa line3 large industry projects; every day one-chuen, corporate R & D, production, market operation, management, logistics and technical service support of more than 3,000 outstanding talent; every day one-chuen, healthy water to benefit more than 30 million beneficiaries every day.

   "4", every day a unique spring created a domestic industry ahead of the first four. Spring water dispenser sales and market share lead; nearly 400 the number of mountain spring water bottled water and a weak base to join the number of lead; water purification equipment engineering quantities on campus ahead; functional water of distant Hall joined the number of treatment lead.

   "5": every day one-chuen Group 25-year strategic plan by five "Five-Year Plan" implementation is completed, a five "live" five "steady down," five "big up" April "strong up" and five five "fly."


   Qinggemanwu old year, New Year laughter. A merry dance opened the 2018 Spring Festival party prelude.

   Although we are new faces, presided over it is very serious and responsible.


   whether it is comedy or dance, this program is really very high level party.


   singing loud and clear, wonderful performances, let us use the enthusiasm interpretation blessing better tomorrow.


   beautiful dance, vivid musical performances and comedy people laughing.


   we not only do good results, performances from the program than to a professional doing my part, one brilliant program let everyone laugh.


   party we reluctantly falling in the eyes of the curtain, let us into laughter with a 2018 work, 2018 grand blueprint has been depicted for us a brilliant future, a broad platform for us to have great support from the dream. Days of His Career, wide sea diving. Let us closely follow the correct guidance of the chairman and the leadership group, unite as one, work miracles. Let us pride, look forward to live, let us not forget the early heart, move on!


   party in a "love each other aMan "a success

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