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   HC purification Network dialogue:

   Consumers A: water now say pollution is very serious, I feel relieved now do not drink, I bought a water purifier, with a few days, I feel no difference between tap water and still water before use, this water purifier is not a fake? buy it be purely a consolation machine, feeling just did

   no consumer B:! I spent so many years of running water is also no problem, but also heard that long-term drinking water purifier of water on the human body hazards, which also bought a water purifier doing


   long-term drinking water purifier is not harmful

   1, may be the reason why water purification products new products to be environmentally friendly, but also thanks to the inside of the water purifier technology; water purifiers although the use of pure physical filtration interception technology; but its technology from the aerospace industry R & D; ink filtration, urine, not in the pesticide under the words; so when you do not believe water purification equipment, when the Shenzhou spacecraft then maybe we would not have God;

   2, the water purifier is not only in line with the standard "drinking water health standards", also to meet the "national food safety standard packaged drinking water."

   so when you unscrew the faucet water purifier, the flow is out of bottled water instead of tap;

   3, water purifier is wading products, must be issued by the state "relating to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document."

   while wading water purifier optional components must also be food-grade material;

   [123 ] What is food grade material

   as we as a babys bottle, that is food grade;? when you read them you suspect water purification products do

   so the net? water products, please feel free to make use; because you are worried about the problem is not a problem;

   long-term drinking water purifier water harmful to the body but you do not know the water purifier only

  ? Why do some people feel that long-term drinking water purifier water hazards, like online search this question, most of the reason is because a lot of that "water purifier filter harmful substancesQuality but also filter out trace elements beneficial to the body, long-term drinking this water is not conducive to good health, but harmful. "

   In fact, the final analysis, what good argument for pure water and mineral water.

   the Internet there are many similar articles, for that matter, even what CCTV, experts and professors and so came out and said, water purifier does long-term drinking is harmful to health.

   body of trace elements and minerals do not need to supplement

   from the water

   in fact, the main component of human nutrition not from water, mainly from food and water to us to add trace elements and minerals are actually minimal, even negligible, when a person calcium deficiency, the doctor never told you, go back and drink plenty of water ah!

   the body in water to extract nutrients and minerals is very small, 99% of the nutrients and minerals are obtained from whole grains, fruits and vegetables, chicken meat, eggs in the example: molybdenum human myocardial nutrition, if you want water get enough molybdenum, 160 tons of water to drink every day, but eat a potato melon, a handful of seeds to meet the needs of the body of molybdenum. As another example, a glass of milk calcium is equal to twelve hundred cups of water, a pound of beef the iron content equal to eight thousand three hundred cups of water, a glass of orange juice content vitamin content equal to three thousand two hundred glasses of water; so the lack of nutrition, mostly through food supplement, rather than drink supplement [123. ]

   water purifier can drink long term? the answer is yes, you can drink a long-term

   Why does someone feel just comfort water purifier machine?

   this only shows, you may have to buy poor quality water purifiers, to hear someone say long-term drinking water purifier water unhealthy to hold prefer to believe them not credible manner, are thinking, if it harmful? ! or drink pure water right

   Secretary-General of the national food industry standardization technical Committee Hao Yu said: say drink pure water as in itself harmful to the body, then the Ministry of health, Bureau of technical Supervision can not go pure water designated national standards, not only can not develop national standards, but also to stop production, stop sales, but the results just the opposite, this is more proof of the safety of the RO reverse osmosis water purification technology.

   in addition to this we should also beyond the election of the high-profile, quality assurance of water purifier brand, Hansi Dun water purifier is very good, there are movie stars Jiang Xin generationsWords, not only has advanced water testing laboratories, as well as hundreds of sets of the advanced monitoring and detection equipment, adhering to the rigorous scientific attitude and the quality of the persistent pursuit of almost harsh, checks at each level, closely monitored, only for the manufacture of high-quality water purification products.

   then drink water purifier what good is it?

   the benefits of natural water purifier is filter harmful substances, rust, water, sand, gel and chlorine, odor, Harmonia chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, impurities, toxins, heavy metals. These things bring harm is far greater than the benefits you point trace elements and minerals that water brings.

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