Thousands of boiling water cause cancer

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   We all know that thousands of boiling water can not drink, drank would create gastrointestinal disease, then thousands of boiling water cancer? Xiaobian together to learn to understand it.




in the water samples, the minimum content of nitrite in tap water, "thousands of boiling water" Secondly, the highest nitrite content turned out to be mineral water, thousands of boiling water on the body harm you? The answer is yes, then often drink would produce gastrointestinal diseases, the worst case will be poisoned, that thousands of boiling water to cancer?


thousands of boiling water on the stove is boiling water overnight or for a long time, as well as electric water heater repeatedly boiled water. White-collar office in the usual drink of water, mostly boiled water room or boiler burning out, this water due to repeated boiling, will lead to an increase in nitrite and other harmful substances, toxic nitrite will result in hypoxia, severe coma, convulsions and even death.


Expert Answers: boiling water repeatedly cause cancer? Boiler water to drink every day office workers are not very worried, but fortunately the experts do not agree with this sensational statement.


Anyway, revolves around the so-called poisoning "nitrite", which is a generic term for a class of inorganic compounds, mainly refers to sodium nitrite. Salty taste of sodium nitrite, soluble in water, and the appearance and taste similar to salt, is widely used in industry, construction industry, meat products it also allows limited use as color formers, food poisoning due nitrite the higher the probability, so countries have strict controls on the use of nitrite.


how will this substance in tap water it? The reason is that people drinking water from natural surface water or groundwater. Because nitrates, nitrites soluble in water, surface water nitrate, nitrite may slowly penetrate into the groundwater; Further, water contained in the nitrate, there may be microbial contamination, converted to nitrite salt.


Although nitrite carcinogenic, but by carcinogenic nitrite in water, really not easy. Generally the bodys intake of nitrite disposable safety of 0.2 mg per kilogram of body weight, drinking water health standards, the provisions of the nitrite content of not more than 10 mg / l, if you are not more than 10 liters of drinking water one time, then It is safe.


As thousands of boiling water, resulting in "nitrite" elevated levels of the same statement is only a guess. "Thousands of boiling water harmful to human health is not rumors BranchBased learning, in order to very easily through thousands of boiling water intoxication. "Wu Zhigang said


This is the data to support it, experimental results from a university: With the increase in the number of boil, nitrite content in water is not clear upward trend and all water samples nitrite content, nitrite content were lower than the limits specified in "drinking water health standards" (GB5749-2006) in the country of 10 mg / l. specific data can be seen edition picture nitrite content of thousands of boiling water even lower than mineral water.


by the introduction of small series, we should already know to drink thousands of boiling water is not carcinogenic, then drink does not cause cancer but it is best not to drink, because drinking this water can others produce disease, so in order to safe drinking family, to know more about the family drinking little knowledge is very necessary




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