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   With the improvement of living standards, more and more attention to peoples health, therefore, the safety of drinking water has become the focus of attention. In order to meet peoples pursuit of health, household water purifiers into peoples family life.

   experts, a small cup of water quality, not only improve the health of the environment, but also enhance the quality of life. So, faced with a number of brands on the market, different functions of home water purifier brand, Steven Waugh recommended that consumers choose to make sure that at least three points: First, the quality of household water purifiers and secure; and second, safe and effective filtration and disinfection technology; third is to have a sound service system.

   Shenzhen Steven Waugh Group launched the brand of household water purifiers in full compliance with standards of quality water purifier to achieve your every drink every saliva, both for their own health and taste plus.

   Steven Waugh household water purifiers by China Consumer Association 3 15 is detected, purified water in full compliance with United Nations standards defined by the WHO good water, truly healthy, alkaline, small water molecules, and containing an appropriate amount of negative potential oxygen (5mg / L or so). He has won the International Health Industry Expo Organizing Committee awarded the "high-quality home water purifier Gold" and other honors.

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   Steven Waugh home water purifier cartridge deep purification using advanced processing techniques, can remove harmful impurities, bacteria, heavy metals and other hazardous substances, the small magnetized filtered water molecules, high solvency, infiltration, easily into the cell, promote metabolism, improve immunity, and thus improve the health of the human body. According to Steven Waugh responsible person, Steven Waugh escalating household water purifiers, upgraded version of Volvo Groups environmental and ecological steven household water purifiers, the United States imports more than one post-carbon fiber, can remove the exclusive deeper water color, odor, chlorine, bacteria, organic matter and chemicals, change the taste of water, so water more sweet, more at ease.

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   "Steven Waugh household water purifiers year replacement, lifetime maintenance, and adhere to track customer information, customer is prompted to replace the filter, can provide a more intimate for the consumer, a more comprehensive range of services, which are steven Waugh is consistent style. "steven Waugh official says. It is understood that Steven Waugh is a banner of the health industry in my country, with over a hundred years of history, all products are for the purpose of improving peoples health, favored by consumers.

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   Steven Waugh (China) environmental group located in water purification technology city - Shenzhen, after entering China in 1997 has been committed to the development and production of commercial and household water purification equipment, water purification active in the Chinese market 24 years, all the way from innovation, steven fertile consistently, developed for Chinese families to use water purifiers, has the industrys most advanced water purification cartridge filling plant and production workshop. Up to now, it has a water machine, kitchen machine, whole house water purifier, energy drink straight, central machine, soft water machine, pipe machine, public water fountain, water vending machine, containing an air purifier including ten large aircraft carrier series of hundreds of models of products, the company adhere to Thanksgiving, integrity, innovation, win-win business philosophy, committed to providing people with better water purification products.

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