The rapid development of e-commerce companies need to grasp

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   In recent years, e-commerce has been developing rapidly, especially in 2014 Lynx double eleven turnover has broken through the 57.1 billion yuan, the good news from the traditional electricity supplier industry confidence multiplier, it is noteworthy is also the home building materials products business platform also achieved good results, not only thanks to constantly improve the electronic business platform, but also makes household products won development opportunities.




The rapid development of e-commerce companies need to grasp the opportunity purifier (Photo from Internet)

   cost is the electricity supplier the biggest advantage

   when the traditional industry meets the electricity business in the end will impact what kind of spark it? At least one thing is certain is that, after entering the electronic business platform, will help companies save most of the promotion funds, products and services into the e-commerce platform, let consumers have a basic knowledge of products, thus saving rent the stores, but also in the form of a full range of multimedia showcase the companys business and dynamic, this is the biggest advantage; secondly, the use of e-commerce platform can also strengthen ties with consumers, brainstorming, improve the reputation and credibility of the product ; and finally, into the electronic business platform can effectively reduce business inventory, because a small cable will be able to break through time and geographical limitations, so that you and global partners and consumer butt.

   electricity supplier bottlenecks still exist

   Although the development of e-commerce can bring so many benefits to a home business, but not to say, for example, as a water purifier such enterprises to build a long Walk on the e-commerce platform. We know that as household products, the first of its price is not low; the second by the limitations of its experience; third, its service is not continuous, and this is the reason criticized by some home businesses.

   called on the industry standard

   In general e-commerce is now mainly in the IT products, clothing, shoes and other products, is a production of standardized products, if you have the price than others competitiveness and the quality of your reputation or better, if you do use e-commerce may be doing well, sales is not a problem, even a year turnover can break 10 million. But the home itself, he did not have a standardized specification, each persons experience of the product is not the same, therefore, on products, on the urgent need to establish industry standards. For water purification industry, its structure, its usage, we need to have a detailed description, in order to make "thousands of miles away" consumers feel convinced, otherwise, e-commerce landing only be empty talk.

   development of e-commerce situation is excellent, and this is all part of leveraging corporate needs, however, the water purifier business e-commerce platform floor is still a long way to go.

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