Water purification Action- male An District earnings forecas

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   CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued a circular, decided to establish safe male Hebei District. After the establishment of the new district, with a population import and supporting the construction of "water" related to demand urgent, concrete pipes industry is expected to benefit.

   male security to be "drinking water", the pipeline where the beneficiary:

   male security to be "drinking water": although male security Baiyangdian, but still dry. Everbright Securities (14.70-0.47%, BUY) Green Team research shows that due to significantly reduced precipitation over the years a substantial increase in industrial and agricultural production and water consumption, coupled with the construction of the Baoding Taihang Mountains west of varying sizes, the large number of the reservoir, Baiyangdian water is clearly insufficient. "Drinking water" for the construction of the new imperative. Reference North Water Transfer Beijing and Tianjin experience, the use of water diversion culvert likely. An male middle distance is about 70 kilometers from the South, considering the size of New Vision, water pipeline construction is expected to be some redundancy. The use of a multi-row diversion pipeline, the demand can only PCCP pipeline of over 10 billion yuan.

   New construction, pipeline first: water, drainage is usually the primary task facing urban construction. Water, drainage, underground utility tunnel are inseparable from the concrete pipe. PCCP pipeline unit price is more expensive with higher profit margins, mainly used in large-scale water diversion project. Drains, underground comprehensive pipe gallery is mainly used in municipal construction projects, the relatively low price and margins, but always greater demand. It is estimated that if the construction of the new district drains reference standard first-tier cities, the total size of vision up to 50 billion yuan.

   major companies are Hebei layout: regional concrete pipe industry is not obvious, large-scale water conservancy projects often split into multiple tenders bidding. With their own strength and strategic layout, the industry leader obtain orders should not be a problem. With pre-orders, Longquan shares (10.75-2.71%, BUY) was Hebei Xingtai layout production base, the National Unification shares (29.43-2.74%, BUY) in Baoding, Hebei and Tianjin set up production bases and subsidiaries, Han Jian Heshan (27.09 + 1.92%, bUY), headquartered in Beijing Fangshan area, Dragon pipe (19.82-1.64%, bUY) in Langfang, Hebei and Tianjin set up production bases and subsidiaries.

   earnings forecasts and investment recommendations:

   An male New construction, water and drainage pipes laid as a priority, there are concrete pipeHope benefit. Orders get respect, concrete pipes regional obvious, major companies have a layout in Hebei region.

   industry orders abundant, since 16 years PCCP main business has returned to growth path. Large-scale water conservancy projects continued started, is expected in 19 years of water conservancy construction scale of 900 billion yuan. Nao Liao cited economic concerns, cited bidding progress Huaihe River, Yunnan and other large water diversion projects. Recommended Longquan shares (PCCP into the honor of / petrochemical orders fall icing on the cake), the National Unification shares (PCCP / PPP twin-engine drive / headquarters is located in Xinjiang, the advantage is significant), Han Jian rivers and mountains (located in Beijing Fangshan, in cooperation with Beijing Drainage Group close / second look forward to expanding main business), we propose a focus on Dragon pipe.

   Risk Warning:

   New construction is less than expected, PCCP bidding progress than expected.

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