Water purification industry growing wealth of value-added br

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  The pursuit of high quality of life, choose appliances on the tall, is essential to enhance the quality of life! Now select the general home appliances everyone will think the United States, Skyworth, and other traditional brands. In fact, choose a brand is not just trust the brand, it is a recognition of its products, the brand is not a product characteristic itself is very difficult to do that in. 鍑€姘村櫒琛屼笟璐㈠瘜澧炲€?鍝佺墝绔炰簤涓庢棩淇卞

   water purifier has also been developing circumstances, the market of large and small water purifier brand thousands of years, since China has not yet defined regulatory standards for water purifier market, low barriers to entry oversight , which is China water purifier market development, although fast, but also very messy roots. According to statistics, Chinas domestic development has had in at least more than 1,500 brands, many brands are the name of the manufacturers name, but in reality for the assembly of small workshop-style management approach to investment sales, quality is difficult to guarantee, after-sales service is non-existent, seriously hampered Chinas water purifier ultra-large-scale development and standardization of development.

   is the Pearl River Delta region of Chinas reform and opening up the earliest, technical resources and material resources to make the market environment for the development of Shenzhen water purifier most privileged parts of China, there is a high level from a technical and production strength , walking in the water purifier at the forefront of the development of our country.

   say that the water purification industry is the new wealth of value-added point of the 21st century, but the competition between the water purifier brand can be said to be growing. Todays water purifier market is indeed confusion, vicious competition into the industry norm, enterprises to maintain a clean livers own attitude, high-quality products with innovative thinking and development of enterprises is very important.

   First: to increase network advertising efforts, invested heavily in cooperation with Baidu, 360, and other global Internet company Tencent, let the world know more about the charm of the brand; second: the establishment of water purification research laboratory to carry out water purification and international expert group research laboratory exchange activities, strengthen the technical strength, and keep alive their driving force enterprises; third: innovative research and development of new products, shorten new product update cycle, focusing on product details, to enter the high-end market. The product is the companys face, the upgrading of enterprise products directly reflect the level of scientific research and technical strength of enterprises. Products but also business and market the bridge, is the link between brands and consumers.

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