What are the pipelinmachin- What arthedvantages of pipels ma

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As the worlds water pollution situation had become worse, more and more families to make safe drinking water people worried. In order to get people to spend more of water, there has been an increasing number of drinking water and water purification equipment on the market, a wide range of products. The pipeline machine is one of them, then what is the line machine, it is for drinking but also what kind of advantage of it?



   What is a pipeline machine

line machine, also known dispenser line, straight line machine is directly connected to a source of drinking water, such as reverse osmosis purified water RO UF ultrafiltration membrane or purified water, the water purification line machines typically supporting installation.




line machine can quickly supply hot water by an electrical heating module, to provide line machine functions are called cold ice water pipeline machine. Rapid heating function pipeline machines usually supply the needs of home and office environments, but pipeline machine does not have the function of water filtration and purification. Generally used in homes, offices, schools, etc., with water purification equipment.



   advantage pipeline machine

1. The pipeline machines compared to traditional drinking fountains small size, do not take place, especially wall-mounted space-saving, no need to carry bottled water, eliminating the need for bottled water pollution problems. And a line connected to the water purification unit or whole house water purification system, can be burned with the drink with rapid heating and cooling, there is no "thousands of boiling water" phenomenon. Lower




2. Is a drinking water pipeline machine, resulting in the probability scale, but also a lot easier maintenance, it is the trend of the future of home and office environments drinking water equipment options.




3. In terms of water, drinking water by controlling the switching difference. And the touch of a pipeline machine, water 150ML, touching the manual control of water twice, water and a more humane, the water temperature can be adjusted.




In general, compared with the conventional water dispenser, or the parity line of the machine pricey, more functions. Now in line with an intelligent machine display, heated, cooling and holding drinking water, convenient and practical appearance.

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