These issues purifier franchisee to consider beforjoining

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   As the market demand for clean water is increasing, more and more investors to discover the considerable prospects for the future of water purification market. However, to want to be a successful water purification agents to join must learn to plan ahead, here are some things before the water purifier investors to join the water purification industry to consider.




These issues purifier franchisee to consider before joining (Photo from Internet)

   a water purifier to join the agency to consider the issue [ 123]

   1, a water purifier successful franchisees, we must first thoroughly investigated the water quality of the local market, high hardness, iron and manganese, or heavy, heavy pollution, or impurities, water purifier you choose brand a very important factor, otherwise it will affect the sale of the latter part of the market.

   2, a clear level of consumption of local residents, to choose the right price brand to prepare, before the shop might as well do a market survey, if too low-end brand, customers have not heard, it will affect sales caused profit low; if too high, highbrow, customers do not necessarily accept the price, can hold a candle, water purification agents is not the best, only the most suitable.

   3, learn to conduct a risk assessment. For example, choose a water purifier brand, earn much, in much less time to earn, if not make it, at a loss of how to do their own, what kind of a way to take cooperation beneficial to both sides, the commitment of both sides can do that these factors need to be considered.

   4, water purification agents joined the project study, examined include: business license, wading document, qualification certificates, factory production workshop, production equipment, product quality, branding investment and so on. Good brand development history by objective third-party certification is not fake business licenses ,, as can be seen in factory business age, this document may be wading confirmation on the official website.

   5, water purifier market is changing constantly out of the competition, after taking into account the listing and sales of water purifiers to join the agency, need to know whether the recent study objects related marketing program has to do, the effect of the implementation of how, placed its own water purification business, whether the smooth development of the assumptions agent.

   Second, preparing to open several factors to consider water purifier stores

   1, the first delivery problem

   The need to measure yourselfEnergy sales, the number of handling capacity, tentative purchase, or the real thing, this should take into account the stockpile is not a well-sales programs to support. Because each water purifier brand support is not the same, we should be based on the actual situation itself and the market to determine.

   2, about liquidity problems

   about 20% of the total investment, set aside a portion of rent in other areas, stockpile, payroll, advertising, etc., reasonably good grasp of their own financial operations, in order to better your stores based on the market.

   3, shop fitting decoration of the problem can be more or less

   a general store in the area between 30-50, the national average price of decoration around 0.5w-3w, large stores of admission fees probably need 3-5w, according to your own choice on the brand, high-end brand positioning, the investment cost is also relatively large.

   wanted to do a business is not easy, choose a water purifier to join the agency as long as a rainy day, it is not difficult. (Source: water purifier network)

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