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  Water purifier depends on the merits of the filter timber of: Tim net water purification Views: 271 Published: 2018-10-23 17:16:12 waters of rivers and lakes are subject to different degrees of pollution, while 97% of our drinking water or the use of conventional filtration process, have worrying. The water purifier to solve most of the drinking water safety issues. However, since different manufacturers using different timber parts, which leads to differences in the quality of the water purifier. To this end, clear spring water purifier parts focusing on the analysis provide a basis for consumers to buy water purifiers. 1, carbon filter, having a large specific surface area, can be efficiently adsorbed organic contaminants in drinking water, the most common types of household water purification treatment material. 2, the ion exchange resin, having a switching speed, high exchange capacity, long service life and becoming home water purifier, especially the core material for a household machine demineralized water. However, due to the restrictions of raw materials and production processes, the use of activated carbon filters and a mass ion exchange resin tends to vary. A high failure rate. After the above analysis, we can see that the quality of health carbon filter and ion exchange resin is an important factor affecting the safety of the water purifier, it has become a key factor restricting overall health and safety of household water purifier. Therefore, the quality of water purifier filter is particularly critical. In addition to the filter is the key to the whole mass, the home water purifier in water distribution equipment, the end cap and ring member mats also factors failed home water purifier, the failure rate reached 20.83%, respectively, and 33.30%. As these water supply pipe pieces replacement cycle is long, and some even hardly be replaced, therefore, strengthen household water purifiers water supply pipe pieces of sanitary supervision is especially important. General water purifier to some extent alleviate the problem of pollution of drinking water, but because of the different home water purifier manufacturers, using different parts of the timber, resulting in household water purifiers there are different health risks. To ensure the health and safety of household water purifiers and functionality, the case of the consumer and can not self-identify, try to choose a higher brand awareness purifier brand more secure.

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