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for the home water smell, the water is recommended to choose water machine easy to solve. Because works of pure water and other water purifier is not the same, purification of organic matter more thoroughly, more durable. Water filter generally five machine, pp cotton, granular activated carbon pre, pre-sintered activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane, post carbon. For purposes of the organic filter in addition to the double front sintered activated carbon and granular activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane filter out more completely the organic matter in water, heavy metals and other hazardous substances, up to 90% removal efficiency, and operating the reverse osmosis membrane the organics are isolated principle, harmful substances discharged with the waste water to the flushing method additionally blended with the film, can continue to get rid of hazardous substances, thus with a reverse osmosis membrane pure water, more reliable, and more secure.


At present water pollution problem has been urgent to time, following the water is easy to tap your Weapon smell how to do?


but in the case of water purification ability to play its proper use confidential results, normal tap water undrinkable many people will choose water purifier. Water purifier has a lot of brands and models, but no matter what the water purifier, filter core components are the most rare of water purifier, water purification mainly through four steps, starting with pp cotton layer, which main role a primary filter, to filter out sediment things, this visible rust large particles. The next layer is a layer of activated carbon, the adsorption of the organic impurities may be water, water odor removal, followed by a microfiltration membrane or ultrafiltration membrane filtration accuracy of 001 microns, can filter impurities such as suspended solids and bacteria. Then it will go through post-activated carbon adsorption of organic matter further, improve the taste.


it will shorten the life of the filter, household water purifier is for the development of the secondary pollution of the water if the water quality is poor. If not promptly replaced, would not achieve the purifying effect such as home water smell, odor is mainly due to too much organic matter in water, and the filter is activated carbon layer in addition to organic matter, organic matter adsorbed by the body itself to eliminate odors, water if home containing heavy smell, then there will be a lot of organic matter is adsorbed on the activated carbon layer, resulting soon reach the limits of activated carbon adsorption layer, so the home water smell to shorten the time to replace the filter, to ensure the normal purify water purifier!


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