Rural drinking water safety shortcomgs filled with big data

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   HC + water purifier net big data social governance [ 123] Weining Autonomous County of Guizhou region is the highest altitude, mountainous terrain complexity create difficulties many villagers drinking water. For a long time, dependent on water draft and tractor trailer are living in poor households card stand here archiving of water use.

   However, as in recent days to install water pipes in succession at home in front of the water, and now they not only drink the water, but also to solve the drinking good water, drinking water problem at ease.

   safe drinking water is one of the key safeguards poverty out of poverty, to achieve a comprehensive victory in the war of annihilation tackling poverty, rural drinking water safety must be padded short board.

   and Li Weining filing cards as poor households, the provinces 192 million poor households filing card stand to drink water safe? Ease it? This problem is not related to the filing of the health of poor households stand card, can be more related to whether Guizhou round victory tackling poverty annihilation.

   However, rural drinking water safety over a broad area, the provinces legislature filing cards and tens of thousands of poor households project, to verify clear such a huge mass of data, according to conventional methods of work, all of the data entry completion of the investigation, two to three years.

   time, heavy task. To this end, Guizhou Hydropower Survey and Design Institute of Water Ltd. to use its information resources, after nearly a month to tackle tough, the development Guizhou filing drinking water safety home erect card verification system.

   advanced, deputy general manager Zhao told reporters, verification and back-office systems including App website system, App is collected at the scene ends, the page system is on-site audit data collection, analysis, and scheduling platform. Census verification system has a clear, inspectors accountable, reliable census data, the entire process can be traced back, etc., can provide a powerful and reliable decision support to the current battle in tackling poverty in rural drinking water safety.

   Up to now, the relevant departments rely on drinking water safety verification system has completed a large survey of the provinces 1.92 million cases on file cards stand poor households. At the same time, also to find out the verification system by the use of the funds above the provincial level rural drinking water safety projects since 2018, we discovered the existence of rural drinking water safety tackling poverty shortcomings and blind spots, to adhere to problem-oriented, goal-oriented, results-oriented, accurate rectification, fineQuasi facilities strategy provides a strong foundation to support data. Also for the next step for the problems and pitfalls, seize conduct supervision over the use of the "window period" rectification perfect.

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