Situation Analysis of Drinking Water Purifier strong comg

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   It is reported that 2017 could be a thorough reform of the water industry. Not only will drinking out of sight, water purification industry will usher in its heyday. We have been accidents and low quality standards of bottled water drinking fountain caught fire and exploded in the market has given way to the brink of bankruptcy, together with the pressure and the introduction of new standards for drinking water purifier entering the market is to let water dispenser market even worse. Status fountain industry analysis under the impact of a new drinking water purifiers and other ways, the old-fashioned bottled water dispenser or will slowly fade out vision 2017. Recently, the national food safety risk monitoring center announced bottled water monitoring data: the total number of colonies of pure bottled water exceeded the rate of 36%, after drinking bottled water exceeded 65%, once again raised concern about safety of drinking water.


   Since 2010, the market began drinking fountains and buckets net negative growth. According to monitoring data show that 2013 full year, Chinas overall water appliances retail sales reached 18.6 billion yuan, an increase of 20.7%, but the traditional drinking fountains last year to buck the trend in retail sales fell 6.5 percent to 86 billion, while net buckets market more fell sharply 33.3%. Situation Analysis: bring

   1 consumer attitudes change market turnover

   Now consumers concerned about the object has changed, the price is not important, quality is the most critical. Compared to the old-fashioned bottled water dispenser awkward position and fired from a bucket nobody cares, old-fashioned bottled water dispenser sales plummeted, and some substandard quality, the market does not recognize some people Safety on bottled water dispenser He has slowly lost confidence.

   Question 2 results in long service to bring the market turnover

   summer bottled water quality 3 days after the failure, excessive dust and bacteria in the air, winter four days. Under such circumstances, bottled water will be slowly abandoned the consumer. The old-fashioned and bottled water from boiling water dispenser connected to it is likely to cause secondary pollution and power consumption, and now fire, explosions and other accidents occur frequently, and gradually be replaced by better water purification products is the trend.


   3 national policy led market turnover

   old-fashioned drinking their own shortcomings gradually exposed, but even worse is the change in policy direction. National Standardization Management Committee to develop "drinking fountains energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating" officially entered the stage to perform procedures for approval, then industryWill bid farewell to the era of high energy consumption, it failed to meet the energy efficiency requirements of the three fountains will escape the fate of being eliminated. The industry is expected, once the "history of the most stringent energy efficiency national standard," the introduction, at least 20% of the products will not reach because of the energy efficiency requirements of three out of the market.

   a strong reason for the invasion of water purifier brand development

   1 drinking water quality and safety issues by public opinion

   plenty of bottled drinking water frequently exposed drawbacks. Select appliances are most concerned about is undoubtedly a healthy and energy-saving, old-fashioned fountain exposed many problems, it has become increasingly do not meet consumer demand for healthy, out of the market is the trend.

   2 water purifier powerful, but also can not stand the scrutiny of time

   With the development of water purification technology, whether it is straight or drink can meet drinking water and other All functions of the machine. Meanwhile in energy saving, economical, water and electricity, convenient to use, although able to meet consumer demand. Note that, from nature, bottled water is also a large water purification equipment production, water quality is no different. What should be noted is: clean water, safe water 鈮?鈮?healthy water. Remember the rapid development of the original drinking fountains do? Just a few years to become drinking water to millions of households essential products, but now most of the drinking fountains have become household furnishings, lost its role.

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