Suspected US kitchen water purifier inexplicable fire

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  Suspected US kitchen water purifier inexplicable fire publish website: Published time: 2018-10-08 September 25, many people still immersed in the joy of Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere, the owners of a plot Xian Jian Zhang Lu Ms they and their families experienced a "Cry moment." Despite the lapse of several days, but a ladys kitchen, still filled with a smoke. Ms. Yu: "August 30, six in the morning, when my husband up on the toilet, first heard the sound of crackling, while the kitchen has seen the light and then he looked at the moment when the kitchen door opened. , smoke erupted a look at him. "then, Ms. Yu Wensheng also got up, and in front of all, let her hair stand on end. Ms. Yu: "When I came out from the bedroom, which quickly filled the room is smoke and what are not clear, the flames had burned very high." Quickly called out from the bedroom in elementary school and only son after settling in, the couple quickly put self-help. Half an hour later, the fire was finally extinguished. Ms. Yu eager to find out the cause of the fire, after a closer look, the eyes locked on this beautiful brand water purifier. Ms. Yu: "The water purifier of glass has burst, and the water purifier has been burned out of shape to our cabinets, and a pool, as well as including our ceiling duct have all burned out of shape.." In Ms. believe that the cause of fires in 2013 and they bought US water purifier has a close relationship. Thus, the day of the incident she repeatedly calling the United States reflect the customer service phone. Ms. Yu: "On that day more than eleven, the United States sent staff to us here taking pictures, they were also recognized for their products, he said the issue will go back to report to the leadership, follow-up will solve our problems, but until now. none of the results. "so, Ms kitchen fires of this, whether it was this beautiful water purifier fire cause? In order to verify the situation, "the city hotline" media reporter also contacted the US staff responsible for handling this incident. US after-sales staff: "The current machine is not the cause of the fire was from the internal circuit, is his mobile fire flapper get up, we give them compensation in accordance with twenty-five thousand yuan." Staff denied water purifier fire caused the fire, but represent financial compensation puzzling. However, the phone the other did not explanation. And it seems that the lady, if it is a water purifier fire caused the fire, then the United States should bear saleBear all the losses caused by the fire. In this regard, the two sides are still negotiations.

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