Promote healthy living to meet the drinkg water homimproveme

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   In recent years, the increasingly serious water pollution, a "cancer village", "abnormal village" phenomenon to improve the safety of drinking water for the people to guard against risks. A set of data on the state of health of our drinking water can not help but staggering! China has exceeded 800 million people drinking water of E. coli, 1.7 million people drink contaminated water is organic, 50 million high nitrate drinking water, 50 million people drink high chloride water, 300 million people drinking water in excessive heavy metals.

   serious water pollution, water plant water purification method but only the flocculation - precipitation - chlorination process only primary disinfection, large scale alkaline water, pesticide, chemical pollutants, etc. it simply can not handle. Coupled with long-distance water pipelines, water tower water tank to bring secondary pollution, so drinking tap water belongs to meet the national standards for drinking water but light pollution, fundamentally speaking, the water does not belong to drinking water. To achieve the standard drink straight, it is necessary to carry out the necessary purification treatment.

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   urgent need for drinking water purification, water purifiers gradually into the lives of ordinary people. The term "water home improvement" has thus emerged, "Water Decoration" is a new term in the cities in the past two years, that is in front of home decoration owners usually do consider home water purification or softening terminal. The so-called water according to the situation at home is a home improvement of water quality, in place of the water supply line user design, configuration-related water treatment equipment: soft water machine, straight drink machine, water purifier, various filters, faucets, etc., in order to protect the home life the quality of drinking water and domestic water. Decoration in water, a water softener and the main drinking water apparatus.

   aggravate water pollution has also spawned a new industry, "water home improvement", but also created a national brand of local origin "An Star." Ann Stars growth is the history of the reform period of quality of life, opportunities and creation, nineteen years Plow water industry, water purification industry accomplishments of "Bright Star." An birth Star water purifier is required era, the general trend. Since its inception 19 years has been adhering to the "improve water quality for the benefit of mankind," the purpose, with leading water purification technology security and good reputation, Ann Star for 23 consecutive months of net sales in the first full record of success.

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   water purifier market was mixed today, consumers should choose a brand and qualification of water purification products, or can not completely filter the water of harmful impurities, harmful to human health. An purifier manufacturersStar As the first company to receive European certification CE-EMC enterprises in the water purification industry, with advanced filters and other timber and improve the service has won the praise and trust of consumers, the introduction of the first domestic micro-wastewater ratio of 1: 0.4 microcomputer control automatic reverse osmosis water purifiers, home drinking water to meet the "health, convenience, fashion," the demand.

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