The right to replace thwater purifier filtto makaational con

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   With the improvement of peoples health awareness, water purifier has become following the TV, refrigerators, washing machines which the Big Three, one of the many essential household appliances. Use a water filter will inevitably need to replace the filter, the filter also will increase sales. But how filter replacement only reasonable, only the most economical? In the citys water quality, water purifier filter replacement consumers need to pay attention to what?



   It is understood that the market is now more popular water purifier, there are three, namely, the beginning of the filter type, type ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water machine, the price from several hundred dollars to three thousand dollars, net of different brands for now water heater has a corresponding filter, different brands and models of cartridge is not at liberty to replace, so choose a good water purifier is particularly important. Carbon in the filter used, good quality one ton of around seven million, more use of such a filter in the above ultrafiltration water purifiers, the filter is also more durable, so consumers in the purchase, should the I asked the clerk to find water purifier filter used is a kind of material.

   At present water purifier filter replacement market, generally have personnel on-site replacement of brand stores, but there are people to buy their own installation on the Internet, "said mean free site, but it is still will receive a small fee in disguise, and online buy cartridges cheaper. "Some people said. In this regard, there are water purifier business owner told reporters, "the actual price difference between online and offline is not, for example, the most basic of the PP cotton filter, and some store brand if it is 40 yuan, 30 yuan to buy online perhaps, but brand cartridges are generally free door replacement service, the key is to pay attention to see whether test water quality staff home. some families may be less water, the filter may be to time without replacement. in addition, the filter get our hands on, have to be a preliminary cleaning, the ordinary people are ignored. "

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