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With the improvement of peoples health awareness, water safety issues have been everyones attention more, store-related sales, said in an interview with Beijing Morning Post (microblogging) reporter, currently buy home water purifier consumers continued to increase, but many consumers in the purchase of water purifiers, water purifiers often overlooked itself also needs to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, otherwise life will not only greatly reduced, water purifier itself quality problems, thereby also endanger the safety of drinking water. In response, Beijing Morning News reporters Cai Fang and Liao Maichang water purification product line sales staff, and a collection of suggestions of many users, in order to give you some professional guidance.


purifier knowledge no less


When installing a water purifier, a high temperature must be avoided close to body heat, such as gas stoves, water heaters and the like. "This is mainly because if the purifier has long been a high temperature baking products inside the plastic part will easily be melted or burned, it will directly affect the natural life of the product." Store water purifier sales staff said that the relevant .


when the installation is not only the need to avoid high temperature heat source body and pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, because it breeds blue algae after Either irradiated water purification equipment in some of the sun, and this substance the human body is harmful. But what if the installation site does not avoid the sunlight, how do? Weapon many users can take a baffle near the shade of the water purifier or other dark bag cover it.


If you have a few days have not used the water purifier, again, when the need for water purifiers were flushed along a few minutes until the water purifier inside the original water in drained so far.


case water purifiers failure can not be avoided, then we must immediately close the water inlet valve, cutting off water purifier water, and do not blindly be removed.


After water purifier use, you need to keep the core ultrafiltration membrane in a wet state, water purifier sales staff said membrane filter of drying will lead to decreased water production, and almost impossible restore.


filter flushing and replacement much to


different water filter cartridges are also very different, so when buying water purifier sure to ask cartridge filter pipeline which one of the main common PP cotton filter, lump charcoal, Activated carbon, ceramics, ultrafiltration, exchange resins, the RO several reverse osmosis, wherein the ceramic core may brush with a toothbrush and water exchange resin may be regenerated with saturated brine, ultrafiltration can be carried out by the pressure of the backwash water pressure.


different from the life of the filter are different, to replace the natural cycle are not the same. PP cotton general life of 3-5 months, bulk carbon, activated carbon life of 6-8 months, the RO RO is 3 - 5 years. For the lifetime of the central whole house water purification water purification filter is generally 5 to 10 years, as have the general water purifier with a central backwash function, which can extend the life of the filter. Water purifier sales staff to remind consumers in the purchase of water purification products are also sure to ask specific cartridge life is long, only to ensure timely replace the filter, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine.


"In addition, also important for the cleaning and disinfection of piping and other components, because otherwise contaminated water purification apparatus caused by the same water hazards can not be underestimated." Sales personnel, said water purifier " Thus we must go to regular stores buy regular water purification products, and ask to be cleaned and disinfected when and how the water purifier filter member and the pipes and other "color


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