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   Many people, when buying plastic cups, except to look at the appearance, but also by material, PC plastic cup high temperature it? This is mainly to see the quality of the plastic cup as well as the materials used, if the material is relatively high safety performance, can be resistant to high temperatures. For more details, please refer to.




In many cases, when we buy things, would choose to shop around, in fact, this "than" not just compare the price, but also choose the quality aspects of quality now we all drink water with cups are diverse, some people like to drink a glass or ceramic cup, but some people think that plastic cup to drink more convenient, safest kind of drink cups, in fact to consider is the health issue, so we still have to learn some families drinking little knowledge in life, so as to allow our bodies are not subject to any harm.


plastic cup material is varied, we all know that plastics contain a lot of chemical composition, if buy a substandard product, it is easy to drink water, fruit juice and other beverages when released a large number of toxins, so the choice of plastic cups, be sure to buy the material safety plastic cups, PC plastic cup high temperature? that is the question many people want to know.


PC remaining in the bisphenol A, the higher the temperature, the more is released, the faster speed. Therefore, not to PC water bottle filled hot water, so as not to increase bisphenol A (in case any) release speed and concentration. Note too numerals bottom of the cup, if it is No. 5 in order to effectively high temperature. Maximum melting point of 167 鈩? drinking water can be loaded.


PC is a polycarbonate plastic, bisphenol-A is precipitated at high temperatures, it is recommended to use a temperature of 80 degrees. Use one year should be replaced, it is best not to install tea. Here it is recommended PP Cup, environmental non-toxic, high temperature 100 degrees, no problem, and the price is cheaper and affordable.




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