Water purifier OEM business transformation- focus on OEM obr

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  During the 2015 Spring Festival, many domestic manufacturers are now closures. Let people proud "Made in china" who led China walk in the forefront of the world, made in China was once Chinas economic development engine giant. Today, due to increased costs and originally produced in China reflux foreign high-end manufacturing in developed countries, "pincer attack" has become the helpless status of China-made current. In this regard, insiders even said, "2008 Chinas manufacturing industry survived, but survive 2015, adding that Chinas manufacturing industry closures or the outbreak in 2015."

   in the water purifier business, many enterprises rely on OEM and started operations. But now a lot of water purifiers do OEM companies have begun confused. Raw material prices, increased labor costs, fierce competition among similar enterprises, product margins shrink; water purifier OEM manufacturers to switch to brand success stories, but also enable them around the corner. In the end the focus on OEM, or create their own brand? This has become a problem for many water purifier OEM companies to think again.

   in the water purifier enterprises, today many companies are beginning to build a water purifier brand. Although the brand difficult, but the good news is, OEM business after a period of development, already have considerable strength, the only decision is the lack of guts and courage. In the final analysis, it is the strategic positioning of business development issues blurred. How, since coveted brands high profit margins, why not come forward to create their own brand, the conversion from partners into competitors, in order to gain greater profits and long-term stable market?

   Japans Matsushita the company, BenQ Taiwan and the mainland of Galanz company. These well-known large enterprise management elites demonstrated successful experience suffices to show his own brand OEM business is the only option to get rid of such obstacles, to achieve "chicken change Phoenix" vision.

   brand is a promise to create a relationship of trust between businesses and consumers, is communication between products and consumers a bridge, but consumers tend to agglomerate fixed purchase behavior "Stand." Enterprise by brand, can create more consumer demand, so that enterprises into a virtuous cycle of development of the road.

   clear mountain spring water purifiers top ten brands inception also do OEM, clear late spring manager Lee Hong-see the importance of brand to consumers, in order to protect peoples safety and health drinking water, she must decide doing spring clean themselvess brand. After 17 years of development and build, now finally emerged as the clear spring water industrys top ten brands. Li Hong said the clear spring hoping to contribute to accelerate the upgrading of Chinese brand influence in the international arena.

   If the OEM is a pot of soup, then, because we must not forget to drink soup to eat meat! Rise of a large number of national brands is the premise of a prosperous nation and inevitable. OEM business, brand is true!

   courage to create their own brands, this is the only option for water filter OEM business. Chen Qing spring borrow Europes slogan as the end of this article: the brand is destined to travel a lonely road and ultimately, questioned and ridiculed. But so what, even black and blue, but also to brand success.

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