Remove water purifier brand of -fake foreign hat- turned out

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   Mr Wong told reporters shortly before the call to reflect that in the online purchase of so-called international brand of water purification after the discovery of the product is simply not manufactured abroad, and given to explain the business is product names are foreign name, but the products are produced only in China. After a reporter extensive investigation found that Mr. Huang is not alone, we are all familiar with the "fake foreign devil" is similar to milk powder, in the rapid development of home water purifier market, also gave birth to the worrying misnomer quality water purifier counterfeit foreign brands, to the consumer optionals bring trouble.



   These "fake foreign devil" brand of birth, in the final analysis, because the consumer level has for its survival of the soil, they caught the people superstitious mentality of foreign brands people often think that good things imported, the United States, Germany is good goods. However, according to insiders broke the news: At present, the name of Germany, the United States, Australia and other foreign brands under the banner of more than 90% of all counterfeit foreign brands, are made in China, and some did not even let other plants are factory OEM. The high price of these brands on the one hand, on the other hand should have no high quality at high prices, and some even fail, sale and no guarantee. Consumers who purchased these counterfeit products, both costing him money and can not guarantee the quality, and so know the truth, often too late, annoyed.

   under effective supervision of the market, if such enterprises are exposed consumer market will suffer the same conflict, but they can take these companies to change the labels of ways to quell the anger of consumers, the product itself will not What problems arise, just need to replace the previously used name on the line. So, you want to buy a home water purifier friends must keep their eyes open, to have a certain way to identify it is particularly important.

   In fact, there are many ways, first we can see related information from the Internet, look at this brand has no official website especially international official website, the official website even if a brand is not, can you believe it international brands do? in addition, if there is no other brand on this information, only to find Alibaba supply information, and that in all likelihood not fly, as well as peoples eyes is sharp, if there is suspicion of fraud this brand then there must be such a complaint online and related information, we pay more attention to this information before the purchase, it should be able to play a role.

   The second more accurateThe method is to go to the Ministry of Health to see its wading products this document. Related to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document, refers to my countrys production and sales of water purification products required by the Ministry of Health, "made products related to drinking water hygiene and safety products health permits this document." Strict government regulations, approval of the current access system, that is the production and marketing of water purification products must have a document, this document is not illegal. In addition, you can also query the NSF certification brand, if the brand can be certified by the NSF, then that its quality is excellent.

   Industry experts advise that consumers should still stabilize the main focus, focus on the product itself technology content and brand protection, without the need for water purifier whether products are so concerned about foreign brands. Now foreign brands is not synonymous with excellent quality, domestic water purifier manufacturers of high-end products in terms of design and quality does not depend on, especially in the domestic water industry specializing in a number of major brands, in recent years, the development trend is quite good, even if under the background of the water industry slowdown, it still can not stand down, the consumer has won a good reputation with strict quality control and perfect after-sales service.

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