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  Power Precision investment! BWT companies and investment projects reach HC purification "easy move through" cooperation http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 17:15 on May 26 Source: HC purification Network T


   HC purification net BWT water purification company entered into a collaboration with the HC investment projects "easy move through" strategic cooperation! HC publishing industry strategy, will integrate the advantages of resources, leads the team and concentrate fully energized BWT business investment to upgrade.

   times the pre-World business is to master the core technology R & D, production and sales of integrated enterprise group, with more than 100 of the worlds leading pre-filter material, equipment and materials applications and other core patented technology, and based on people on the water requirements for health and safety requirements and comfort equipment wading water quality, developed a family of hot and cold water pretreatment equipment sub-quality whole-house system solutions, the industry as the worlds more than 300 well-known brands pretreatment field of materials, research and development, products and services of strategic partners produce an annual production capacity of more than 300 million units, it is the worlds first choice for corporate pretreatment technology, device class.

   BWT business team focused on pre-material technology and equipment for 15 years, through years of development, owns a number of national high-tech enterprises, Division subsidiaries: Industrial Design (m times), pre-filter research and production base, the base injection molding, screen production, metal processing base (Laske times), warm water-based smart filtering system (World Run times Kang), whole house sub-quality scale, purification, beauty, pre-filtering means R & D and manufacturing base (times Ruikang), the central soft water level of net R & D and manufacturing base (alpha, Sino-US joint venture), AI intelligent leakage protection system manufacturing base (water Chi shield), scale materials and application equipment research base (times Yee more than a dozen independent subsidiary and the whole industrial chain division), the marketing center.

   BWT companies in the central pre-filter industry, the first to introduce the concept of free washable, has invented the "integrated sewage", "full effect of sewage", "clean water backwash", "high-pressure water purification backspraying wash "," water purifier intelligent automatic anti-spray "and other free washable patented technology, opened a pre-filter" free washable "Time! And successfully developed and applied prefilter means anti-freeze materials, crack, dirt filter, black lead, copper head spacer technology greatly enhance the safety performance of the safety and health of the prefilter, 2018 BWT before becoming "household and similar free washable filterWater purification industry standards groups set filters "drafting group leader unit, promote the development of the industry.

   2018--2019 company pioneered the world in times of "family quality hot and cold water pretreatment system solutions" in the industry, in one fell swoop to capture the whole house hot water piping automatic cleaning system, whole house water leakage intelligent protection system, wading terminal equipment scale and beauty filtration purification system serialization preprocessing whole house product solutions! Blue Ocean Strategy provides a new thinking for the development of the industry! BWT enterprise with excellent quality and high quality service has won the trust of customers and users, and is committed to the development of human water purification industry pioneers and continue forward!



   MSAP scale material

   MSAP a biologically active material is modified with a special process, the slow release of water, a large amount of high speed weak substrate group, respectively with water copper ions, iron ions, calcium ions, magnesium ions and other cations, and a carbonate ion, bicarbonate ion, sulfate ion and other anions to produce weak interference effect, so that the water quickly into the dirt factor inactivation, only a very small amount MSAP can prevent the emergence of scale radically.

   In order to better enable MSAP scale science and technology has been widely used, BWT companies will MSAP scale material used in multi-family whole house water scenarios, and develop the appropriate product depending on the water scenes. As used for domestic hot water scene, chaperone inhibitors developed food; scene for laundry, laundry net scale developed partner; for bath scene, developed a water purification fixed shower, toilet dirt net partner. Further, for the kitchen water scene, also developed a machine tip water / companion scale ultrafiltration, pre-built-in products such as small scale; and drinking fountains for scale partner.

   pursue high quality of life, we must first pay attention to clean, pay attention to drinking water, but also pay attention to domestic water. BWT companies launched full-scale house products, can meet all the needs of domestic water, people "Paradise" out of danger.


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