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   January 26, Shanghai kiss Water Technology Development Co., a joint group of central China Youth Network held in Beijing "Beautiful China Wan village water purification - Water Station kiss the United States and Chinas rural water purifier venture will start "A complete success. Former State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development Party members, vice president of the China Rural Development Association Secretary Shujie, former Secretary, Ministry of Civil Affairs National Student Village grassroots organizing committee director Bai Yihua, Government Organs inspector Liqi Zhen, Department of Agriculture researcher shut Rui Jie, director of the China Research Center of the beautiful countryside Wei Yudong, Tsinghua University Alumni Association Director Mei Xiaopeng, China Education poverty Reduction Center in China League Secretary-General and Secretary-General of vocational schools Jiangming Min, deputy secretary general of China Foundation for poverty Alleviation secretariat Wang Jun , director of the Institute of Village Li Yiliang students, Student Village training network director Liu Shifu, China Association for quality inspection of water purification equipment special committee chairman and secretary general Dengrui De, assistant general manager of China Youth network Miuchen Qi, China CDC researcher Hubei Miller, assistant to the chairman and chief sunrise Four seasons song Mu solar Orient Group Executive Director Wang Yongjun, chairman of the China health care Association of life in embroidery, Sichuan Science and Technology Commission and other guests attended the meeting.

   healthy drinking water to the masses, related to the realization of modernization and national goals of our country. Mentioned in the "national rural drinking water safety project to consolidate and promote" Ministry of Water Resources organized the preparation of Thirteen Five "plan" in 2020, through the implementation of the project to consolidate and promote safe drinking water in rural areas, to further improve rural water supply centralized water supply rate, water rate, water supply and water quality compliance rate guarantee rate. For rural areas, the prevalence of safe drinking water kiss Shanghai Technology Development Co., started at the beginning of the "Beautiful China Wan village clean water - water station 鈥?Station kiss the United States and China" project in 2018 to mobilize the rural parts of the country to introduce pro hydrophilic station project to improve 200 million people safe drinking water.


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   At the meeting, the National Student Village forum organizing committee Bai Yihua first speech, he talked about, Food, Food water as a safe, rural water purifier venture is a benefits the country, the project for the national mass services, has very important significance for the further implementation of the rural drinking water safety "thirteen five" plan, hoping Student village and water can kiss this work actively together to put in place.




former Secretary of Civil Affairs building grassroots, the National Student Village forum organizing committee Bai Yihua

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