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   water purifier Agent is one of the hottest investment projects, however, among the many brands, there are many "fish in troubled waters" of the brand, in this fresh water plus Tips, joined the agency should be noted that the water purifier matters are:



   1, field trips

   saying, word for believing. In reality, there are many businesses there some brand of excessive publicity or hype in the media, so I went to the field, site visits is crucial.

   2, whether a production workshop

   We understand that many of the current water purifier manufacturers and no production plants, their products just to find others OEM OEM. But some manufacturers claimed that the plant in the field, it is not true, as more OEM, we can try to ask factories in the field, why not do field work, so it is not easy to manage?

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   3, confirm that the product type

   type water purification products is extremely rich, pure water, ultrafiltration, business machines and the like. If a single product line, is bound to be difficult not to meet the needs of many consumers, not net to make various consumer groups; on the other hand, also make profits single store, the store operator is difficult to maintain their livelihood.

   4, confirm trademark registration

   either want to become bigger and stronger brand, first of all will certainly put their trademarks protected, as They will not face a bigger counterparts may be stolen. Trademark is not registered, perhaps because the brand anchored, perhaps because it did not even intend to expand, just a moment to take advantage of it.

   5, to confirm Qualification

   including the companys operating water purification project is legitimate, whether in its business license business scope of the companyInside, and whether the company has the ISO series certification, such as the National Health this document, or not legitimate.

   6, confirm that the product qualification

   including whether the product has an associated authoritative test reports, patent authentication certificate.

   7, clear product prices

   agent before signing a contract, be sure to clear the product price, rather than waiting until after the contract is signed talk about the price or to grant only look at the price lists.

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