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   All along, the water purification industrys problems continue, not only product quality problems, the patent infringement case of some products have begun to appear. Due to perfect the legal issues, consumer rights cost is relatively high, only reluctantly give up rights. Water purification products due to product characteristics, are very important aftermarket product, in addition to machine sales, post-filter replacement is a very important part of aftermarket sales. Water purification industry consensus "water purifier service to do good, to make customer satisfaction and improve, to make water purifier brand reputation would be enhanced," so do water purifier sales service is the key. Having said that, but due to various problems, such as the traditional sales strategy, sales department, staff understanding of the services and so on, is often difficult to achieve after-sale so that consumers have a real sense of God.

   false propaganda low cost, high barriers to consumer rights

   Some water purifier industry branding problem is more prominent, now corporate marketing, in order to allow the product to have this or that kind of gimmick, or prominent selling point for their products plus the concept of chaos, hype, so naturally poor customer experience, the development of the entire water purification industry is also a disadvantage.

   a lot of small manufacturers, the formation of false propaganda inertia, buy inferior products and consumer rights protection is relatively difficult. These two points led to a lot of small water purifier manufacturers claiming to have two or three individuals to promote what technology products. Recommendations, water purifiers currently on small-scale manufacturers, choose water purifier products, should choose a large-scale production of the manufacturers. Such quality can only be guaranteed.

   Installation "cut corners" water purifier brand product quality scapegoat

   water purifier is a great emphasis on aftermarket products, but also a very suitable secondary marketing of products. But some dealers due to the unprofessional, or cost savings to the customer with no original parts, especially in some important lines, choose some small wholesaler which offers a line of poor quality, resulting in water purifier odor or leaking. This allows to carry a water purifier filter is poor, the quality of the product in question bear the blame. So, the family bought a water purifier, we must look at the problem of installation, water purifiers or the host itself problems, not all of the blame water purifier.

   Water Easy

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