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   19-25 August 2018, by the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association International Affairs Branch of water purification industry led organization, the Chinese water industry, some companies representatives of the delegation went to visit New Delhi, India water purification market, At the same time participate in the international water exhibition organized by the local.


   (the delegation in India purifier brand showrooms)

   In the president Tang Jian Xing, vice president Yanjian Yong (XIAMEN lin), Deputy Secretary-General Minister of international Affairs at the right Luo Si (US-owned Ke Qi), led by a member of the United States Bangdeng part Terriecosystem far (Xiamen City water air industry Association president and branch secretary), XIAMEN Lin Zhang clusters, Hansi Dun Deng Cambridge, Deng yuan Pump Dengbo Sheng, Trojan Well water purification ponderosa, water purification Simai En Zhang Yong, net Xiamen (Xiamen vice president of air water industry Association) Tangzhen Kun Yi, Xiamen Yiqi Er Zhang Yuanqing (Xiamen industry Association of supervisors of water in the air ), Xiamen Yun Xin Chen Yun burn (Xiamen air water industry associations supervisors) and other delegation visit.


   (members of the delegation went to India photo)

   delegation visited New Delhi EXP clean water exhibition, the show was not much, there are still more than 100 water purification exhibitors, of which nearly half of Chinese enterprises, member of Kaifu Long exhibitors, showing the Chinese water energy companies in the Asia Pacific region. Indian companies also demonstrated the manufacturing capacity in the water industry, which is the main component manufacturers more exhibitors.


   at the beginning of this century, most of the Indian water purifier accessories imported from China, and now many can already start independent production, including various types of plastic parts, various types of booster pumps, RO roll film, FRP membrane shell, various types of solenoid valves and the like.


   (the delegation on behalf of a member of Kaifu Long brand in front of the booth) during the

   water exhibition, the delegation and the Indian Water Purification 未 Treatment Equipment Manufacturer Association vice chairman of the Association Neeraj Mittal, Secretary-General Arun Gupta in-depth exchanges and site visits Indian water purifier manufacturers, wholesale business, marketing companies, learning, communication.


   (chairman Tang Jian Xing (left) and India international friends)

   It is worth mentioning GenPure, Hi-Tech, Krona several enterprises, they are well-known in India water purification company, at the start of this century, has ten years of production, marketing experience, the beginning of Chinas imports are basically Hardware, etc., and now basically create their own. According to the results of the exchange of communication for many days to share as follows:

   1, India has produced top ten brands, among the top few are: Kent, Euroca, unileverpureit, Bluestar, etc.,

   2, India household water purification industry has ten billion (RMB) market, nearly a thousand enterprises.


   3, significant labor advantage, this years data show: 500-800 yuan per capita wages / month, engineers 2000 yuan / month or so, including the capital, New Delhi, electricity 0.7 yuan / kWh, the current RO50 basic ex-factory price of 50-70 US dollars / Taiwan, the future of Chinas exports is not impossible.

   4, and the current government has no standard for the management of water purification market, tap water and bottled water according to WHO standards management.


   China water purifier market long way to go.

   (Source: water industry brand alliances - Public number)

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