Water purification companies should set an example d promote

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   water purifier market growth of the past two years began to slow down. In addition, industry norms, as well as water purification products popularization of knowledge, including consumer awareness of water are not particularly clear, plus some of the brands in the industry exaggerated publicity and some water purifier manufacturers do not regulate the operation, have a negative impact on the entire water purification industry.




water purifier companies should set an example to promote the healthy development of the market (Photo from Internet)

   lead by example to improve product quality and technology

   industry biggest challenge is to standardize the development of the industry today, water purifier brand has reached thousands, if not standard, then, first of all hurt the consumer, and the consumer loses, the industry will lose the basis for development. Therefore, the industry or enterprise, is consumer-centric, good brand, good service, so that industry has been positive development. Especially on products and services, to regulate. From the product concerned, the lack of clarity for consumers can solve the problem of water purification products, the industry there is no such standard, are usually all manufacturers in telling their own stories, because consumers not familiar with the product, can only be passive accept.

   segment demand service driven industry growth

   An important factor in the development of

   is the water purification industry service, good service, consumers only through acceptance, product vitality, the industry in order to have more Good development. Existing service industry service network coverage problem is not big enough. In fact, the enterprise, not just the channel network construction and development, construction and development of the service network is equally important. Especially as installed products, service network coverage is very important. Only perfect service network, to be able to allow consumers to enjoy the product, but also to enjoy a better service.

   water purification products and other home appliances compared to the chances of the door up, opportunities and customer communication is also up, if we make customer satisfaction, will be the brand, the product, resulting in a higher recognition of the industry . Service allows consumers to improve their product quality of life, have a positive understanding of the industry, are willing to accept water purification products. Therefore, to solve the service problems will be solved industry is currently cognitive problems. Service driven by the development of the market, so that more consumers more satisfied.

   products now on the market and the consumers point is not to resolveProblem, the industry more than 85% of water purification products just solve the drinking water problem for consumer kitchen, kitchen drinking water is important, but comprehensive solution to the water problem is also important. Because not only drinking, washing and other domestic water also needs to be improved and resolved, whole house water purification to some extent stimulate more consumer demand, thereby stimulating greater development of the industry. Whole house water purification is a process of overall growth, rather than a single product growth process.

   large differences in water quality all over the country, so requires us to subdivide the products, broken down by consumers better solution drinking water problems and improve the consumer experience. With the popularity of regulating the market, the development of the industry, water purification knowledge, consumer awareness of products will further promote the development of the industry.

   initiative to expand sales outlets, while Plow

   From the channel perspective, now is not just buying patterns of consumers buy from the original single traditional stores, the current sales channels increasingly diverse , an increasing share of the electricity supplier sales increase, so to use the Internet to do the development. In addition, with the development and distribution of electricity providers, 34 of the more rapid growth of the market. Large current change channels, companies can break through the channel by two points, one is the development of the Internet, Internet + increase the intensity, use of information technology, the first time to reach consumers, not passive waiting, but take the initiative marketing, enabling customers to buy. Followed by the channel so deep and meticulous manner, the forward sales, compared to traditional hypermarkets sales, due to the communication with consumers finer and easier to enhance the share of the market.

   taking the lead firms join hands to promote enterprise development

   In fact, for an honest business, if their marketing companies are not making money, and let dealers make money is unconscionable marketing mode. With the development of the Internet, information collection methods has undergone great changes, both in the market, or in the channel, we need innovative model, if only so that dealers themselves to explore, speed and effectiveness may be limited, if manufacturers can take together to explore dealers, help dealers better model with shared and common development, will play a positive role in promoting the market.

   Although water purification products and other home appliances compared still in rapid growth, but the industry compared to the previous two years, the market growth rate slowed down. This years water industry the past few years the state of the market melee, It began to become standard. Some smaller brands face fierce competition in the market, as well as consumers return to the rational, slowly began to withdraw from the market, and the market began to shuffle out of the phenomenon. As the state began to strengthen management of the industry, more and more emphasis on product quality and service, plus further promote policies and standards for the industry professional brand, there will be a big boost effect.

   If every company the sake of consumers, better products for consumers to use and enjoy better services, the market will further healthy development. (Source: Modern home network)

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