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  Walter purifier: to concentrate on doing every water purifier publishing site: Published: 2018-07-24 understand the water purification industry people know, is a water purifier barriers to entry are relatively low industry, by 2012, China water purifier industry is highly fragmented industry, brand concentration is very low. With the recent upgrading of consumption, the increasingly serious water pollution, water purification products gradually become mainstream. Water purification industry therefore increasingly popular, and venture capitalists have continued to increase. Water purification industry has become the last piece of blue ocean home appliances sector. At present, domestic enterprises are mostly engaged in water purification after the 2008 rise in water purification historic water purifier manufacturers are not many. In earlier do water purifier enterprise, water purifier manufacturers in Shenzhen Walter is an outstanding representative. Walter purifier will be established in Shenzhen in 2000, so far 18 years of development history, is the real veteran water purification industry, professional water purifier manufacturer. In 2008, Walter purifier pioneered the concept of north and south differences in water quality, and successfully developed dual-mode dual-core drinking straight. Walter purifier has been rapid development from 2008, the company set out to create the nations largest water purification equipment production line, Chinas water industry the only one with their own water purification materials production, technology patents. Walter is currently the most suitable water purification products in the Chinese market brand water purifiers, water samples collected 15,000 nationwide analyze purification, water purification using different schemes for different regions, all water purification materials and products Walter development, and manufacturing are carried out according to the condition of the domestic water supply. Due to the strong brand promotion and selling of products in the market, Walter purifier successfully created a brand image, with major competitors quickly distanced themselves from. Distinctive product differentiation, so that consumers clearly know which product is better. Since development for many years, Walter has been the production of water purifiers excellence. Companies strive to practice the artisan spirit, general manager of Mr. Xie is required: to concentrate on doing every water purifier. Walter purifier always delve into the technical, products mainly include four major advantages: First, good product quality, water purifiers Walter carefully selected high-quality raw materials to ensure product quality constituent materials, thus guaranteed from the source quality of the product; the second is a good after-sales service, Walter has a high-quality after-sales commitment. Not only that, Walter water purifier products are insurance, full escort and protect the interests of consumers; Third, Walter water purification plantHome production of product excellence, rigorous testing to ensure that flow through to market 100 percent qualified products; Fourth, Walter purifier cost-effective, product prices in the industry is a popular price. High-end brands, mass consumption, saving the expense of consumers on economic costs. How about Walter water purifier product quality? Walter water purifier product quality has been a lot of work to do. First, select high-quality raw materials, water purification products Walter materials selected are industry quality materials, including filters, pumps, and other membrane shell; Second, strict production and rigorous testing, Walter water purifier manufacturers products He has always been very strict, in addition to compliance with the relevant national standards, but also have its own internal production test standards, effectively protect the quality of the product; the third is continuous technological innovation, the company has specialized in research and development, R & D innovative water purification technology , continuing commitment to new product development, design; fourth is constantly upgrading products, to enhance the products in question to perfect, to be the transformation of product technology upgrade; Fifth, continue to purchase advanced equipment to boost the quality of products through the power of advanced equipment promotion; Sixth, continue to learn and advance with the times, and actively learn advanced practices in the industry to enhance the production and research and development. A lot of work, only one purpose, that is to guarantee product quality, consumer safety of drinking water, to ensure the user experience. Positive Yinwoteer been careful production of products, and therefore was named "Chinese consumers favorite brand water purifier."

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