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   the first half of 2019, the water purifier market as a whole showed a weak trend growth, industry growth narrowed further. According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) push the total data show, 2019H1 water purifier market size of 13.83 billion yuan, an increase of 1.3%. In addition to the appliance industry by industry cyclical fluctuations, mainly self-development reached a certain bottleneck. There are three main reasons:

   base getting big bonuses gradually disappear

   Since 2012, the domestic outbreak of reflection on economic development and environmental protection, peoples attention on healthy drinking water improved significantly, but after market penetration of nearly seven years, the current water purifier base has been relatively high penetration rate of nearly 20% of the countrys fresh water, some second-tier cities penetration rate has reached 30%, due to water pollution caused by health concerns gradually dividend weaken.

   is quite difficult to cultivate new markets takes time

   a second-tier market access bottleneck stage, the rate of decline in the market to buy, sell and three or four markets by the early impact "mountebank" style will be a large number of machine full of orphans, the industry great harm. Enterprises in the promotion to 34 had to face the foster consumer confidence in the market situation.

   In view of the special nature of the Chinese market, there is a water purifier universal periodic bottlenecks in China

   in our country due to the housing relations, the kitchen area is relatively small, part of the old house on the popularity of certain water purifier constraints. In addition China long-term drinking water habits, reduce consumer dependence on water purification, so the popularity of the domestic market can not be expected to exhibit a high degree of market penetration of foreign short period of time, there will be a bottleneck in the popularization of the domestic market.

   in the first half of this year the market began to appear frequently at the line of negative growth, online market is still growing, the overall market began to enter the competition for the stock market.






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